CIP stands for Commercially Important Person.

If you would like to avoid the annoyance of arriving at a busy international airport after a long flight and having to stand in line for passport check and baggage claim or the stress of getting to the airport on time to go through the pre-flight rituals, Commercially Important Person (CIP) package is the perfect solution for you. With CIP package you can enjoy a hassle-free airport experience.

By purchasing this package, you will be guided to the CIP lounge upon arrival. While you enjoy refreshments, snacks and high-speed Wi-Fi, the well-trained team of professionals will collect your passport and tickets and proceed to clear passport inspection and claim your luggage. Afterwards,'s transportation team will drop you off at your hotel or other desired destination in Tehran.

On your departure date, our team will pick you up from any location within 100 kilometers of the airport and return you to the airport for your return flight. Again you can wait in the CIP lounge and enjoy the amenities there while the CIP team sees to your luggage check-in, collects your boarding pass and clears passport check for you.

Note: If you would like to purchase our CIP package, please remember you must provide our team with your flight details at least one day prior to your arrival. Departing passengers must provide our team with their actual departure time at least 1 day prior to their flight. CIP passengers are required to be at Imam Khomeini Airport 2 hours before their flight.

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