Behestan Castle

Zanjan Province, Mahneshan

Behestan Castle or the “Demon’s Throne” is a Sassanid era (226-651 CE) structure that was still in use well into the Islamic Period. The creators of t...


Dashkasan Temple

Zanjan Province

Dashkasan or the Dragon Temple is located 10 kilometers southeast of Soltaniyeh near Veir Village. Dashkasan consists of three deep, manmade caves tha...


Haj Dadash Bathhouse

One of the oldest buildings in Zanjan, Haj Dadash Bathhouse is located in the Zanjan Bazaar complex. This century-old bathhouse has a dome that sits o...


Mir Baha-ol-Din Bridge

Zanjan Province, Zanjan

The century-old Mir Baha-ol-Din Bridge or Old Bridge is the oldest and largest standing bridge on the Zanjan River (Zanjan Roud) which was built in th...


Mullah Hassan Kashi Mausoleum

2.5 kilometers south of the city of Soltaniyeh

Located 2.5 kilometers south of the city of Soltaniyeh, Mullah Hassan Kashi Mausoleum is an octagonal structure with a beautiful dome that sits on a s...



Sadi St

Zanjan Wash House  or as it is known locally Rakht-Shouy Khaneh is located in the old Abass Qoli neighborhood of the city and was built in 1928 by the...


Sheikh Boraq or Chapi Oughlou Historical Complex

Zanjan Province Soltanieh

Located 500 meters southwest of Soltaniyeh, Sheikh Boraq or Chapi Oughlou is the mausoleum of an Ilkhanid period (1256–1335) mystic and Sufi master. ...


Soltaniyeh Dome

Soltanieh, Zanjan Province

Built on the order of the eighth Ilkhanid ruler Oljeitu, also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh (1280 – 1316), Soltaniyeh was the third Ilkhanid capital a...


Zanjan Bazaar

Ferdowsi St

Located in the old texture of the city, Zanjan Bazaar is considered the longest bazaar in Iran that has expanded towards the west and east. The bazaar...


Zolfaqari Mansion

Zanjan, Zeinabieh St

Zolfaqari Mansion is a Qajar era (1785-1925) structure located at the heart of the old texture of Zanjan. Like traditional Persian homes, this structu...