Gera Valley

Sirjan-Balvard road

Gera Valley is situated 45 kilometers from the Sirjan-Balvard road and is filled with wild almond and pistachio trees as well as ranunculus and thyme...


God-e Ghool

40 kilometers west of Sirjan

God-e Ghool is a no hunting zone located 40 kilometers west of Sirjan. This 50,175-hectare area has several natural springs and is the habitat of vari...


Pariz Region

Kerman Province

Located 54 kilometers northeast of Sirjan, Pariz Region is a no hunting zone. This 20,125-hectare area has a diverse range of animal and plant species...


Sirjan Salt Playa

30 kilometers west of Sirjan

Sirjan Salt Playa is located 30 kilometers west of Sirjan in Kerman Province. This 50-kilometer playa is 20 kilometers wide at its center and narrower...