Afif-Abad Military Museum

Sattar khan Blvd., Across from Afif Abad St.

Afif-Abad Military Museum opened in 1991 and displays ancient weapons, hand-woven carpets and furniture.


Arg-E-Karim-Khani Anthropology Museum

Arg of Karim Khan

Arg-e Karim-Khani Museum is an anthropological museum, which houses old Qurans, manuscripts, pre-Islamic relics and modern items.


Coin Museum

Bagh-Melli (National Garden)

Coin Museum opened in 2011 and has a collection of coins from the Achaemenid to the Qajar eras.


Eram Decorative Stones Museum

Eram Garden

Eram Decorative Stones Museum is located in Eram graden and displays marine and decorative stones.


Fars Anatomy Museum

Azadegan Blvd., Moddares Blvd.

Fars Anatomy Museum houses a collection showing human and animal evolution. The museum also has animal specimens and human and animal castings.


Fars Carpet Museum

Lotfali Khan St., Next to Fars History Museum

The Shiraz Carpet Museumis located in the Karim Khan Farrash Historic House. The museum houses over 60 exquisite hand-woven carpets unique to Shiraz....


Fars History Museum

Lotfali Khan St., Between Mosaddeq and Ahmadi St.

Located in the basement of the Zinat ol-Molouk House, Fars History Museum houses a collection of wax statues of influential and famous Iranian figures...


Haft Tanan

Quran Gate, Towards Kouhpayeh Park, End of Haft Tanan Blvd.

Haft Tanan Museum opened in 1991 and houses seven tombstones belonging to famous Zand era mystics. The museum also has a number of notable wall painti...


Music and Sounds Museum

Ahmadi St., Next to Masjed-e No, (Manteqi Nejad House)

Music and Sounds Museum opened in 2012 and houses a collection of old music recording and playing equipment, musical instruments, books on music and p...


Narenjestan Museum

Lotfali Khan Zand St., Next to Darb-e Sheikh

Naranjestan Museum opened in 1969 and houses archaeological finds, antiques and Islamic period artifacts.


Natural History and Technology Museum

Azadegan Blvd., Moddares Blvd.

The Natural History part of the museum was opened in 1974 and the Technology section was opened in 1986. The museum has taxidermy animals, fossils, me...


Pars Museum

Shahrdari Sq., Across Arg of Karim Khan

Pars Museum is located in the Nazar Garden and was opened in 1946. The museum houses archeological finds, ceramics and manuscripts.


Persepolis Museum


Persepolis Museum, which opened in 1937, houses archeological finds from Persepolis as well as Achaemenid artifacts.


Qajar Museum

Nasir Al-Mulk Historical House, Lotfali khan Zand St.

Qajar Museum, which is located in the Nasir al-Mulk mansion, houses a variety of Qajar era items such as clothing, vessels and ornaments


Sassanid Museum

Kazeroun, Bishapour Historical Site

This museum was established by Professor Girschman in 1938. The museum houses Sassanid relics, ceramics and carved stones.


Shah Cheragh Museum

Shah Cheragh Shrine, Bab al-Reza

Shah Cheragh Museum, which opened in 1963, has a collection of handwritten Qurans, manuscripts, pre-Islamic vessels, glassware, porcelain, coins, text...


Shiraz Art Museum

Before Shah Cheragh Shrine, Sang Siah Alley, Meshkin faam Museum

Shiraz Art Museum is located in the historical Forough ol-Molk House. This is a private museum, which houses a collection of paintings, the calligraph...


Traditional and Ritualistic Clothes Museum

Ghaani St.,South of Shohada mosque, Haft Pich Alley, Salehi House

Traditional and Ritualistic Clothes Museum opened in 2005 in the Qajar era Salehi House. The museum displays a collection of traditional clothes and r...