Afif-Abad Garden

District 1, Shiraz, Fars Province

Afif Abad Garden with an area of approximately 127,000 square meters is one of the most beautiful and historical Persian gardens in Shiraz. Located in...


Arg of Karim Khan

Fars Province, Shiraz, District 8, Zand Royal District

Arg of Karim Khan (Karim Khan Fortress) is one of the Zand monuments in Shiraz which was once used as the living quarters of the founder of this dynas...


Bibi Dokhtaran

Sang Siah St

Bibi Dokhtaran (Lady of Girls) mausoleum in Shiraz was built during the Zand Dynasty (1750-1794). This two-story monument has a round dome. A square p...


Bishapur Ancient City

Fars Province, 55, Iran

Bishapur, "the beautiful [city] of Shapur", is situated south of modern Faliyan, just off the ancient road between Persis and Elam, which connected th...


Cradle of Sight

Opposite of Quran Gate

Cradle of Sight (Gahvareh Deed), also known as the Azod Dome, is a Dailamite structure and a National Heritage Site, which overlooks the city of Shira...


Cube of Zoroaster

Naqshe Rostam

The Cube of Zoroaster is located 3-4 kilometers from Persepolis in Fars Province at Naqsh-e Rostam. The walls of this ancient Achaemenid era (550-330...


Eram Garden

Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Eram St

Eram Garden is famed for its palm trees, flower beds and fountains. Eram, which means Eden, is an example of the UNESCO registered Persian Garden. 


Firuzabad (Shahr-e Gūr)

112 km South of Shiraz

The original ancient city of Gor, dating back to the Achaemenid period, was destroyed by Alexander. Centuries later, Ardashir I, t...


Hafez Tomb

Fars Province, Shiraz, District 3, Hafezieh

Hafiz (1325-1390) the poet of love, who has inspired the works of Islamic and Western writers, hailed from Shiraz. His resting place, the Hafezieh, pl...


Imamzadeh Zanjiri

Beside Nasir Ol Molk Mosque

Imamzadeh Zanjiri (Chained Imamzadeh) is another mausoleum in Shiraz built by the Qajar lord Mirza Hasan Ali Nasir al Mulk. The dome of the mausoleum...


Jame Atiq Mosque

Astane St

Jame Atiq Mosque of Shiraz is one of the oldest religious monuments of the city. The mosque was built by Amr ibn al-Layth in the 9th century. The mosq...


Naqsh-e Rostam

Zangi Abad Village, Marvdasht Province

Naqsh-e Rostam is a site believed to have been a cemetery for Persepolis, where Achaemenid (550-330 BCE), Parthian (247 BC–224 CE) and Sassanid (226-6...


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

Fars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand St

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque also known as the Pink Mosque was built in 1888. This Qajar era (1785-1925) mosque is known for the extensive use of colored...



Pasargad, Fars Province

The ruins of Pasargadae, the first dynastical capital of the Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BC), lie northeast of Persepolis, in Fars Province. Pasargadae...



Kilometer 7 of Marvdasht Rd.

Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, was once known as the richest city under the sun. Persepolis was built by the Achaemenid Kin...


Qalat Village

Derak Rural District, Fars Province

Qalat village is located 34 km from Shiraz. This village offers incredible landscapes as well as the Glory of Christ Church which was built between th...


Qavam House

Fars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand St, Iran

The traditional and historical Qavam House was built by a family of merchants in the later part of the 1900s in Shiraz. The house is enshrined by the...


Quran Gate

Fars Province, Shiraz, District 3, Shiraz - Marvdasht Hwy

Quran Gate is a historical gate at the northeastern entrance of Shiraz on the way to Isfahan. Built during the Buyid dynasty (949 to 983), the gate ho...


Saadi Tomb

Boustan Blvd, District 3, Shiraz, Fars Province

Shiraz is the birth and resting place of Persian poet Sa'adi Shirazi (1210-1290). One of his most prominent works Golestan (The Rose Garden) has been...


Sassanid Archaeological Landscape

Fars Province

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape Becomes Iran's 23rd UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO has inscribed Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars...


Shah Cheragh

Fars Province, Shiraz, Shahcheragh

Shah Cheragh (Lord of Light) is a famous pilgrimage site in Shiraz which houses the tombs of two Shia brothers who took refuge in the city from Abbasi...


Sheikh Ruzbehan Fasaei

Darbe Sheikh District

Sheikh Ruzbehan Baqli (1128–1209) was an Iranian poet, mystic, and Sufi master of Dailamite origin who hailed from Fasa. He was buried in a tomb in hi...


Sibouye Tomb

Sang Siah St, District 8, Shiraz, Fars Province

Sibawayh (760-796)was an influential linguist and grammarian of the Arabic language. Despite having learned the Arabic language in later life, he wrot...


Tang-e Chogan

Qaemieh-Kazerun Road, Bishapur, Tang e Chogan Kashkoli, Fars Province.

Sasanian Bas-reliefs at Tang-e Chogan At several places near the town of Bishapur, which was founded by Sasanian King Shapur I (241–272 BC) and was...


Tomb of Khawju Kermani

Quran Gate

Khwaju Kermani (1280–1352) was a famous Persian poet and Sufi mystic who has been laid to rest north of Shiraz. Khwaju was said to have traveled exten...


Vakil Bath

Taleqani St

Vakil Bath is an old public bath in Shiraz built by the founder of the Zand Dynasty, Karim Khan (1705–1779). The bath consisted of a changing room, a...


Vakil Bazaar

Shahrdari Sq, Zand District

Located in the heart of Shiraz, the Vakil Bazaar is part of the royal district constructed during Karim Khan Zand’s reign. It is believed that the baz...


Vakil Mosque

Taleqani St

The Vakil Mosque, which is situated west of the Vakil Bazaar, is another Zand era (1750-1794) monument of great architectural and artistic significanc...


Zinat ol-Molouk House

Fars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street

Zinat ol-Molouk House is a Qajar era monument famous for its decorative paintings of animals, birds and flowers. Mirror and glasswork feature prominen...