Chama Cave

17 kilometers from Chelgard

Chama Cave is located 17 kilometers from Chelgard. The cave has unique icicles year-round. Melting icicles and snow have created a natural spring that...


Chelgard Ski Resort

Zagros Mountains

Located in the Zagros Mountain range, Chelgard Ski Resort is one of the oldest in the country. With an altitude of 4,221 meters above sea level and an...


Dimeh Spring


Located 10 kilometers from Chelgard city, Dimeh Spring is the origin of Zayandeh Rood river. Its water is believed to prevent tooth decay and help pas...


Fritillaria Imperialis Plain

12 kilometers from Chelgard

Located 12 kilometers from Chelgard is a 3,400-hectare plain home to yellow and scarlet Fritillaria Imperialis flowers. The beginning of April until m...


Kuhrang Spring

Located 30 kilometers from Chelgard on the road to Sheikh Ali Khan Village, Kuhrang Spring originates from Mount Zard Kuh. The presence of nomad tribe...


Kuhrang Tunnel Waterfall

Close to the Chelgard Ski Resort

Kuhrang (pronounced Kouh-Rang) Tunnel Waterfall is located close to the Chelgard Ski Resort. The lush vegetation near this 50-meter waterfall makes it...



22 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord

Saman is a city located 22 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. Its proximity to Zayandeh Rood, beautiful nature, histo...


Sar Aqa Seyyed Village

45 kilometers northwest of Chelgard

Sar Aqa Seyyed is a tiered village located 130 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord and 45 kilometers northwest of Chelgard. Homes in Sar Aqa Seyyed, which is...


Sheikh Ali Khan Waterfall

Shaykh Ali Khan Village

Sheikh Ali Khan or Shaykh Ali Khan is the name of a village and 10-meter waterfall located 5 kilometers from Chelgard city. The waterfall is approxima...


Zayandeh Rood Dam Lake

40 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord

Located 40 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord, this lake has formed behind the dam over Zayandeh Rood. Spanning an area of 54 square meters, this lake has b...