Kilometer 10 of Sari-Neka Rd.

Badeleh Hotel is a 30-year-old establishment, which has been built near the lush Lalim Village approximately 10 kilometers from the city of Sari. The...

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Kilometer 3 of Sari-Khazar Abad Rd.

Narenj Hotel is a small three-star facility in Sari located near Tajan River. The hotel is only 5 kilometers away from Sari city center and 25 kilomet...

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Salar Darreh

Kilometer 12 of Sari- Kiasar Rd.

Located 12 kilometers south of Sari, Salar Darreh Hotel in Sari is a modern hotel in a scenic setting. The hotel is situated in a two-hectare plot of...

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Sari - Qaemshahr Rd

Navid Hotel is a 4-Star option in Sari. The rooms include free breakfast, air-conditioning, private bathrooms, kitchenette, free WiFi and TV. There is...

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