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Alamout (Eagle's Nest) was a mountain fortress where Hasan-i Sabbah (1050–1124) and his gang of Hashshashin or Assassins lived. Hassan Sabbah took upon himself the title of Lord of the Mountains and used the fortress as an Ismaili stronghold against the ruling Seljuqs (1038-1118). His followers believed he was a Prophet with the gift of immortality and he would dispatch his assassins to murder political and religious figures. It is said that Hassan Sabbah’s followers were given the name Hashshashin as before sending them on missions the lord of the mountain would give them hashish and take them a secret garden filled with beautiful young girls, convincing them later that he had given them a taste of paradise where they would be sent to upon successfully completing their mission. Despite having been built to be inaccessible, the castle was taken over by the invading Mongol army in 1256. The Mongols destroyed the castle’s famed library and later used it as a prison and place of exile.


It is hard to reach but absolutely worth it if you are a history buff :) Amazing history behind these ruins, however, make sure you have someone explaining the history to you

Alamout Castle

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    Qazvin Province