Aras Dam Lake

Aras Dam

Covering an area of 15,000 hectares, this artificial lake, which has been created behind the Aras Dam, is perhaps the largest of its kind in Iran. The...


Aras River

West Azerbaijan Province

One of the longest rivers in Iran, Aras runs a 10,072 kilometer course before emptying into the Caspian Sea. In 1813, when the Treaty of Turkmenchay w...


Baroon Dam Lake

18 kilometers from Maku

Located 18 kilometers from Maku, this artificial lake is suitable for fishing. 


Qaleh Joogh Waterfall

5 kilometers southwest of Maku

Located 5 kilometers southwest of Maku, this 80-meter waterfall is situated in the mountains close to Qaleh Joogh Village. The waterfall is easy to ac...