Anthropology Museum

Anthropology Museum opened in 1990 and has 30 different halls showcasing items of agricultural and anthropological significance. The museum also displ...


Martyrs Museum

Martyrs Museum opened in 1997 in the Kermanshah Cemetery’s martyrs section. The museum showcases personal items belonging to martyrs of the eight-year...


Natural History Museum

Modarres St., Hdad-e Adel St.

The Natural History Museum, which is part of the Agricultural University of Kermanshah, opened in 1991. The museum displays different plant and animal...


Sacred Defense Museum

Sacred Defense Museum, which opened in 1994, is a three-story structure. The museum showcases items from different areas like Halabcheh and Paveh, whi...


Stamp and Postal Documents Museum

Stamp and Postal Documents Museum opened in 2002 and showcases Iranian stamps from the Qajar era to present. These stamps have sports, literary, cultu...


Taq Bostan Stone Museum

Shahid Shiroudi Blvd.

Taq Bostan Stone Museum is located in the Taq Bostan historical site and houses 45 different stone items from the Sassanid and Islamic eras. The museu...


Zagros Paleolithic Museum

Modarres St.

Paleolithic Museum opened in 2007 and has four halls showcasing items from 100,000 to 8,000 years ago.  The first room has a documentary about stone t...