Abbas Abad Hill

Hamadan Province, Hamedan, Abbasabad Rd

The Abbas Abbad Hill is located in a scenic area west of Hamedan city and at the foot of the Alvand Mountain range. This hill offers a beautiful view...


Abshineh Wetland

15 kilometers from Hamedan

The Abshineh Wetland is located 15 kilometers from Hamedan city and is located in an area of 85 hectares. This wetland is actually the lake behind the...


Ali Sadr Cave

Hamadan Province, Ali Sadr

Ali Sadr is an 11-kilometer long cave believed to be 70 million years old. Considered the world's largest water cave, Ali Sadr has several deep lakes....


Alvand Mountain Range

Hamedan Province

The Alvand Mountain Range in Hamedan Province is one of the famous natural attractions located south of Hamedan city. This mountain range has steep va...


Douzakh Dareh Waterfalls

Douzakh Dareh Waterfalls are located in a rocky valley of the same name near Imamzadeh Kouh. The most famous waterfall in this valley is 15 meters tal...


Ekbetan Dam Lake

9 kilometers southeast of Hamedan

Ekbetan Dam Lake is located 9 kilometers southeast of Hamedan city on the road to Malayer.  This 60-hectare lake is a popular spot among locals who vi...


Ganjnameh Waterfall


Ganjnameh Waterfall is the most important waterfall in Hamedan Province. This waterfall is located 8 kilometers from Hamedan city in the Abbas Abad ar...


Khakou Village

7 kilometers from Hamedan

Located 7 kilometers from the city of Hamedan, Khakou Village is surrounded by mountains and experiences extreme winter cold and dry, hot summers. Thi...


Sarab Cave

Sarab Village

Sarab Cave is located 78 kilometers north of Hamedan city and close to a village of the same name.  Sarab is millions of years old and is approximatel...


Simean Abrou Village

15 kilometers southeast of Hamedan

Simean Abrou Village is located 15 kilometers southeast of the city of Hamedan. This tiered village is noted for the stone used in the construction of...


Tarik Dareh Ski Resort

15 kilometers southwest of Ganjnameh road

Tarik Dareh Ski Resort is located 15 kilometers southwest of Ganjnameh road in Hamedan at the foot of the Alvand Mountain range. The resort has ski li...


Varkaneh Village

20 kilometers southeast of Hamedan

Varkaneh Village is located 20 kilometers southeast of the city of Hamedan and considered one of the most beautiful renaissance villages of the countr...