Anthropology Museum

Jahad Sq., Nazari Crossroads, Bagh-E Nazari Mansion

Anthropology Museum, which is located in the mansion inside the Nazari Garden of Hamadan, opened in 2009. The museum showcases items of anthropologica...


Avicenna Museum

Imam Khomeini Sq., Bu Ali St., Bu Ali Tomb

Avicenna Museum is located at the mausoleum of this prolific physician. The museum which opened in 1951 offers displays which shed light on the life a...


Hamedan Museum of Natural History

End of Chahar Bagh-E Azadegan, Agricultural University, Bu Ali Sina University

Hamedan Museum of Natural History opened in 1972 and houses taxidermy animals and fossils.


Handicrafts Museum

Baba Taher Sq., Next to Baba Taher Tomb

Handicrafts Museum of Hamadan opened in 2009 next to the Mausoleum of Baba Tahir the poet. The museum showcases the different handicrafts of Hamadan P...


Hegmataneh Museum

Haft-e Tir Sq.

Hegmataneh Museum is located in Tepe Hagmataneh and opened 1994 and houses artifacts found during different excavations at the site. 


Museum of Hamadan Personalities

Shariati St., Bijan House

Museum of Hamadan Personalities opened in 2009 in Bijan House. The museum has displays on the life of the famous people hailing from the city has well...


Sacred Defense Museum

Qaem Sq.

Sacred Defense Museum, which opened in 2010, showcases items pertaining to the eight-year Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s.