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This traditional restaurant serves a host of delicious local and southern dishes. 


Very friendly staff, talked for a long time with us. We had a nice southern dish. After we had tea on the house. I felt comfortable there, because of the platform we were sitting on.! Its very very cozy. Especially if you bring company or your partner


یه رستوران خیلی سنتی بامزست که برخورد کارکنانش واقعا خوبه


went here with my friends amazing ghalieh mahi :)) staff were polite and the place has a great vibe


Staff are super friendly here and I mean "friendly"! They serve the most amazing kebabs and side dishes. You can enjoy your delicious meal on those "takhts".


غذاهای محلی این رستوران واقعا خوشمزه است و من هر وقت که به بوشهر میرم حتما یه وعده رو اینجا غذا میخورم و اینکه یه محیط کاملا اروم و سنتی داره و سرویس دهی خیلی خوب و سریعی داره


  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Saheli St.