Asalem-Khalkhal Road

Gilan province

Located 116 km South of Astara, undoubtedly the mountainous Asalem to Khalkhal road is one of the most gorgeous Iranian roads bridging two northern pr...


Bibi Yanlou Forest Park

35 kilometers from Astara

Part of the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests, Bibi Yanlou Forest Park spans an area of 1,512 hectares and is located 35 kilometers from Astara city. Th...


Estil Wetland

Rasht - Astara Rd

Located 2.5 kilometers from Astara city, Estil Wetland spans an area of 138 thousand hectares. The wetland is home to migratory birds such as swans an...


Heyran Cable Car

Ardabil Province, Doudaran - Fandoghlou Rd, Iran

This cable car runs a 1,500-meter course, connecting the farthest part of Heyran Pass to the easternmost point of Fandoqlou Forest. The cable car comp...


Heyran Pass

Fandoghlou Rd

Heyran Pass is located 25 kilometers from the city of Astara on the road to Ardabil. The word Heyran means ‘astonishing’ in the Persian language. It i...


Kuteh Kumeh Thermal Spring

Astara, Gilan Province

Located 15 kilometers from Astara on the road to Lavandevil city, this thermal spring is close to Kuteh Kumeh Village. Its water is believed to reliev...


Laton Waterfall

15 kilometers from the city of Astara

This 105-meter waterfall is located 15 kilometers from the city of Astara on the road to Lavandevil city. Reaching the waterfall requires a 4-hour hik...


Lisar Protected Area

North of Talesh City, Gilan Province

Lisar Protected Area is a bird watching destination located 50 kilometers south of Astara. Lisar is home to birds such as lesser spotted eagle, Europe...